Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wednesday's Discussion...

Well, even though tensions were high about the discussion of Non-profit organizations that are fighting for a cause, excepting generous donations from companies who are for the same thing that they are against, it saddens my heart to know that money out weighs ethics in today's society. Let's face it. Yes, in the real world this is going to happen, in fact, it probably happens every day but we as Americans... As human beings do not have to except these "scanky" companies and their fly-by-night ethical practices. One day they are trying to dimish American moral and the next minute they are toasting with hospital adminstrators and other organizations that are supposed to be fighting certain subjects with the best thoughts in mind. If an organization is so easily bought off or pursuaded by these "evil companies" did they really have a passion or cause for their organization? I think not. Truly, American citizens have go to take back our country from these reckless, money-throwing ogres... but first, the transformation must begin with each of us and our ethics.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Applying PR values to "political correctness"

When it comes to being politically correct in the public relations major, I think that one should definitely refer to their AP stylebook, if they have one. If not, they should take a pole of consensus from colleagues or people that they trust. Even if a relationship is not concrete with your subject, you should still ask. For instance, If your client is the local Black Youth Council, when referring to an individual one should ask whether they would like to be identified as African-American or Black. If you are referring to the Council itself, then it is okay to call them by their organizational name because that is the actual organization's name. The term African-American in my opinion is a description used to describe those from Africa (who know their family's organs) who are now American citizens. The term Black is a term used loosely to describe those whose ancestors are from Africa but since slavery, their blood line is a mixture of a number of nationalities. Confusing the two is not a serious thing to me but, I would rather be called American. Back to PR... When all else fails about "political correctness" just ask your client, read the AP stylebook or ask someone you trust.

My partner analysis

There are many diffrences between my partner Kasey and I. She is twenty-two and the youngest of 7 from a small town in West Texas named Snyder. I on the other hand am the oldest of 3 from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She is not athletic, and I am, she is not a hopeless romantic... I totally am!! On the other hand, oddly enough, I found that we had more similarities than diffrences. We both are Christian individuals, have interests in diffrent cultures and other regions of the world. Both of us are currently envolved in long-term relationships.The result, we both agreed to disagree on our opposite personalities... In my opinion, This is the most important similarity of all.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ford and GM taking the "high road"

In response to the "Toyota and Nissan- Connection to slave labor" link, I think that participating in this type of behavior is horrible. Ford's decision to stop buying from the manufacturer that promotes the slave labor is wise. Lets face it; Ford is headquartered in a country (U.S.) full of sympathists (including me). If the situation was not responded to quickly, the negative news publicity could it affect their sales and image. When I think of the Ford Corporation or General Motors, I think of family and safety, (not so much quality, but that is another story.) If consumers knew that Ford placed "slave labor parts" in their vehicles, millions of American and Foreign consumers world wide would think twice before buying their cars. Ford and GM had no other choice but to "pull out" of the messy situation. It to me was the wisest thing that they could have done for their company in the long run. However, I am very curious to see what both the Nissan and Toyota corporations do to make up for their "wrong doings".

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have heard many stories about President Bush's uneffective, mondane speeches and his technique. Today while watching MSNBC, I caught a segment on his new "Bushanisms". His new words are 'Internets' and 'The Google'. What does this have to do with public relations? Five words. His image effects approval ratings. Someone in his position of authority should be very attentive to the things that he says. One unstrategically placed word will have the media screaming and keep the public wondering. In a time when Bush should care the most about his image (majority of public dissaproving of war), he continues to make careless mistakes. Where is his pr team? They sure were helpful when it came to justifying the war (Jessica Lynch) using spin tactics that clearly did not work. His buddy Vice President Chaney made the same mistakes this week when the media asked him about his stance on the toughning war prisoner interrogation tactics. Both men seriously need an pr professonal, english teacher present or someone because I really think that I could do a better job speaking.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Terrorism AD for Republican Party

Okay. Well, to be totally honest, I do not know where to start with this one. The Republican party will be releasing an ad available to the public via television (originally only supposed to be released on the web) very soon. In this ad, they release quotes from each of the "most wanted terrorists" overseas. This ad did nothing in my opinion from a Public Relations standpoint for the Republican party for three reasons. 1) I think that the "scare tactics" they used definately worked, but do you want to scare the american public? While watching the ad, I wondered, okay, they have all of these quotes, where is the solution? I wanted to know more. It was a useless clump of quotes in my opinion. 2) Their vagueness of what was actually going on was a problem. Who? What? When? Where? or at least give me a Why? Telling me to vote on November 8th does not help if I have no Idea what I am voting for and why I am voting period.3) All around this commercial was not effective. They wanted to instill the seriousness of the issue in the actual ad but think of this... Everyone knows at least a smidgeon of what is going on in Iraq but why do we (the american public) constantly have to hear the same bull over and over again without a thourough explaination . We know the fugitive terrorists overseas are a threat to us Americans. Is that the only thing that the republicans stand for? Will they continue to play these "horrible people" out of our memories and onto our last nerves?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

MySpace chronicals

A few weeks ago, Dr.Lambiase mentioned MySpace and its potential problems it can cause for future employment. I did not doubt Dr. Lambiase but I found an example related to the importance of the nature of the content on personal webpages. As I was thumbing through the news on, my eyes were caught by a disturbing story. An officer had been suspended for obsene photos on his MySpace page.

Current and Future employers want to know who they are hiring and whether they will uphold the integrity of their company in both a private and public sense. The bottom line is that they are watching you. If you can compromise your own personal integrity who is to say that you would not compromise the integrity of others (organizations). I just want to say, thank you Dr. Lambiase for bringing light onto this subject... Even though it should be common sense, I now am starting to see the full effects of how much damage too much information about any one person can do .

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foley's large Dilemma... To be continued

What can I say. This guy is in a heap of trouble. Not only are his secrets ruining him but his Public Relations team is also doing a good job of this as well. When watching CNN a couple of days ago, I saw three diffrent clips of Foley's Publicist making excuses for him!!! In a time of crisis, the media does not want to hear... He did it because he has been "closed closet"gay for many years or he did it because he has a mental disorder. That is a bunch of crap in a basket. I, a civilian am aware of that and so does the media. What does the media do when they see weaknesses in stories? They take it and run with it. I cant believe that his team is being a bunch of cry-babies on Foley's behalf. If Foley wants to gain at least an ounce of credibility back (which I doubt he can), he should speak willingly on his own with the media, tell the truth and nothing but the truth and then step back and see what happens. I know, I know, it is a gamble. If he reveals his secrets he will be in the same predicament, right? I dont think so. I think if he openly exposes his secrets, in a way people will admire his sick boldness and the media will stop pulling skeltons out of his 16 mile-long closet.

PETA's "Beer Issue"

Oh my gosh!! I really think that PETA has no public relations team at all!!! I will admit, I do not know much about PETA... I do however know that they would like to be taken seriously. This is not the way to do it. Yes, I agree that most students may not have taken the "GOT BEER" ads as serious as I am taking it. Granted. However PETA should not put anything past any student on campus. There are a few boneheads on the nation's campuses!!! After actually reading this, I thought It was funny. They actually thought that people were laughing with them but I really think a majority of people were laughing at them. PETA has gone too far with this beer vs. milk campaign. Another question related to the topic is how can PETA, a animal civil rights group who has been in existance for about 15 years, try to out do an old wives tale (milk makes you grow strong), which has been a shared idea amongst American mothers since before my grandmother was born? If they really would like to be taken seriously, they should shelve the ad and save their organization from even more embarassment.
A few weeks ago, I remember Dr. Lambiase’s speech on MySpace pages. As I was reading the Channel 5 website, I came upon an interesting story. An officer had been suspended because of graphic pictures he placed on his MySpace page. In the Public Relations industry, the public’s perception of a company or its spokesperson is very important. For example, if they see me as a professional individual in the corporate world and then go home to find that my MySpace has inappropriate material on it, my credibility is definitely in jeopardy. Corporations and entities do pay attention to details. They want to know who or who will not uphold the integrity that their company sometimes fights oh so hard to maintain. Information is knowledge about companies, products or even people. Your MySpace is designed on an individual basis. So, if someone who has no earthly idea who you were previewed your site, they would think that your site is a reflection of your personality. Thank goodness I have nothing questionable on MySpace of Facebook!!! Before I graduate in December, I am actually thinking about terminating both accounts. The fact that so many people I don’t know have access to a smidgeon of my information is finally starting to freak me out!!!! I know!!! My common sense was out the door when I began logging on to both of these sites.